Tips to Cut Exterior Plywood

Plywood is a compound wood which is made of various layers of veneers and thin sheets of wood. The veneers are glued by layering them one top of another. If the plywood is put together using water resistant glue then it is known as exterior plywood. This kind of plywood can retain humidity, snow, and rain. The plywood will give the home owners more flexibility and enable them to create designs which might not be possible with ordinary wood.

Exterior Plywood
Exterior Plywood

#Materials used 

When you plan on purchasing plywood for your house, you need to have an idea about the different kinds of materials available in the market for use. 

  • Pine is the most basic underlying material, used for this kind of plywood.
  • The plywood can also be made of spruce. This material is strong, irrespective of how thinly it has been sliced.
  • Mahogany is free of pockets and voids within the grains. This is the best choices for furniture and cabinets.
  • Birch is the strongest material that is used for plywood. However, since it is vulnerable to temperature change, it must be surrounded by other veneers to be of any use.
  • Douglas fir is stronger and is the perfect choice for structures which have been designend to bear high loads.
  • Maple is a highly decorative material which offers a nice-looking texture.
  • Oak is tough and is highly resistant to fungi infection and insects.

Exterior plywood is treated and manufactured with pressure and chemicals so that it can be used for external purpose. This kind of plywood can bear extreme weather condition. It can be used for various purposes. However, cutting this type of plywood can prove to be an arduous task. If you want to cut the plywood, you can follow the tips given below, in a proper manner: 

Exterior Plywood
Exterior Plywood

#Raise it 

When you want to cut the plywood, you need to make sure that it is not lying flat on the surface. Most of the times, you will be cutting the plywood with the help of an exterior saw, because it is easier to use and is portable too. You can use cinder blocks or woods as risers. Place the plywood on top of the riser and, try cutting it. The plywood will cut easily without damaging the floor. In fact, you do not even have to worry about damaging the saw.

#Save the face 

Plywood has two sides and one has a more finished look than the other. This shine of the finished side is because it has a thin sheet. Thus, when you use the circular saw for cutting it, the plywood might splinter because the circular saw cuts upward instead of cutting downwards. If you must avoid splintering, you need to make sure that shiny surface is always facing upwards.

#Use the right tool 

There are saws which can be used for cutting exterior plywood. These saws are known as circular saw and table saw. If you can get the right tool for the job, you will be able to cut the ply in an effective manner. If you use the table saw you might need some help. While, on the other hand, if you use circular saw, it can be used conveniently.

#Maintain a straight line 

When cutting plywood, you need to maintain a straight line. A good way to maintain a straight line is to use another piece of plywood. Make sure that the sides are even.

If you want to keep the plywood from being damaged, you should avoid a stagger cut. This can lead to splinter and lines. Thus, never stop cutting once you have put the blade on the wood.


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